Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Power Girl

Ah Power Girl, Superman's cousin on earth 2 Kara Zora-L or was she an Atlantean, no wait she was a bear that thought it was human....what oh she's Supergirl of Earth 2 again.

Well whatever her origin Power Girl kicks butt...

...and you know turning on fanboys with her custom.

actually I assumed the big gap in her chest similar to why batman has a bright yellow circle on his chest...to draw attention. Beating villains up goes much quicker if they are to busy looking at her cleavage.

and here's a video of Power Girl forced use her secret identity of Karen Starr and get a job

1 comment:

  1. I met the first powergirl at top at comic con this year (she was dressed as vampriella)

    She said she used nowloss.com to lose weight fast naturally and easy said she dieted down from 225 but I told her she looked great!